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How the chiller works?----toyocool Air/water chiller

Chillers are also called chillers and water coolers.
If you want to use, operate, or maintain a chiller, or work in the refrigeration industry, then you need to have a general understanding of water-cooled chillers first. Understanding chillers begins with the general workflow and important components, as detailed below.
Approximate workflow of a chiller.
First exclude the water-cooled chiller, air-cooled chiller does not say, this is only the condenser heat dissipation, cooling mode to classify, here the chiller workflow, whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled are the same.
1, from the start of the chiller said, the compressor will be inhaled from the refrigerant, from the suction pipe inhaled low temperature and low pressure refrigerator gas, and then compressed, compressed words will make the refrigerant heat and pressure will become higher, according to the compression ratio and all kinds of compressors, compression results are different.
2, after the completion of compression, the compressor will be discharged from the exhaust pipe has been compressed, has become a high temperature and high pressure of refrigerant gas.
When the refrigerant into the condenser, the condenser began to play a role, the condenser will not actively work, it is only because the compressor discharged gas and passive work, is a machine rather than a component, the role of the condenser is to condense, that is, to cool the refrigerant, the condenser will be high temperature and high pressure gas refrigerant heat dissipation cooled to liquid. Its working method is to dissipate heat through the copper tube of the condenser itself, and spread the heat of the copper tube (actually the heat brought to the refrigerant by the compressor and the heat of the refrigerant itself) through water cooling or air cooling.
According to the different of air-cooled and water-cooled chiller, the cooling medium of condenser can be water or air (air-cooled).
3, has been cooled refrigerant, will be through one of the important parts of the chiller throttle valve, after which the refrigerant will be throttled into low pressure and low temperature refrigerant liquid.
4, refrigerant liquid will enter the evaporator, the purpose of entering the evaporator is to absorb the heat of the target equipment, heat absorption will be vaporized, refrigerant from the liquid into a gas again, after the system recovery, again into the compressor, in order to recycle.
Refrigeration process important components, basically is the evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve that is the throttle valve.

The role of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant gas, and the condenser is to be compressed by the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant cooling into a medium temperature and high pressure liquid refrigerant, refrigerant temperature is moderate but the pressure is still relatively high, through the expansion valve (throttle valve) can become a lower pressure, temperature is correspondingly lower refrigerant liquid, after entering the chiller evaporator to play the role of cooling target equipment or objects. Toyo's chillers are made of imported, high quality parts, which ensure the efficient and high quality operation of the chiller.

Working Principle

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