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Low temperature water chiller maintenance and care

Low-temperature chillers are characterized by a lower refrigeration range compared to medium-temperature chilled water or ordinary chillers, which can be as low as minus tens of degrees Celsius or even below minus 100 degrees Celsius, the refrigeration efficiency of the compressor, the electrical resources required for refrigeration are higher than ordinary or Chinese chillers, in terms of maintenance, maintenance, low-temperature chillers to be more tricky.

Take the explosion-proof low-temperature chiller of Lingtong Refrigeration as an example, it adopts the world famous brand compressor, and due to the characteristics of explosion-proof low-temperature chiller, the unit must be confirmed before leaving the factory, it can operate under the harsher environment without problems. The explosion-proof low-temperature chiller produced by Lingtong Refrigeration can be used in flammable and explosive special occasions, and customers can even choose different explosion-proof levels according to the actual needs, and the price of Lingtong Refrigeration's explosion-proof low-temperature chiller varies according to the different explosion-proof levels.

As mentioned above, the maintenance of low-temperature chillers is not simple, but the low-temperature chillers produced by Lingtong Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. have a relatively low failure rate due to the use of internationally renowned compressors and other components, and have various advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection, good performance, low noise, so maintenance is much simpler than other similar machines.

The length of use of low-temperature chillers, according to the components, especially the main components of the length of use, but in addition to whether the components have high quality, the correctness of maintenance, frequency and other factors, is also a decisive factor in the stability of the operation of low-temperature chillers, the length of use.

Most low-temperature chillers use R22 refrigerant, so in the refilling and maintenance of refrigerant, the same method as the ordinary R22 refrigerant industrial chillers. Low-temperature chiller refrigerant carrier according to the different needs of use, can be divided into a variety of different types, including the most common industrial chiller refrigerant carrier - water.

When the low-temperature chiller makes a strange noise, noise rises, the cooling capacity drops, the temperature rises, should pay special attention, even if most manufacturers of low-temperature chillers are equipped with computer control systems, alarm systems, explosion-proof low-temperature chillers are also equipped with explosion-proof circuit systems, etc., but in the first time the problem is found, it should still be dealt with in a timely manner, so as not to turn small problems into big problems.

Low-temperature chillers are characterized by more complex and higher environmental requirements than ordinary industrial chillers, want to save on maintenance, maintenance, you should compare more from the purchase and selection, choose low failure rate, simple installation and use, high safety factor of low-temperature chillers!

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